Post. eatery & bar





poppernuggs– beer recommended.                  7


nutty bleu devils – stuffed dates, wrapped      10

in bacon, skewer fried, balsamic drizzle 


spanakopita– classic mini phyllo                 8



olivita crostini– cheesey, olivey goodness         7

on crust


twisted pizza – whaaat?                         8


fried chicken bites – choice dipping sauce       10




brats & tots  - beer braised, with mustard and onion


poutinetots – beef gravy, local cheese curd      10

totchos - black beans, cheddar, jalapeño, red onion & crema      

bufftots– fried chicken, hot sauce, bleu cheese crumbles & dressing


sloppytots– topped with fancy joe 


phillytotssteak, peppers, onions & melted provolone

mixed greens salads

 apricot chevre – goat cheese, carrot, fruit      13

     preserve, toasted walnut,apricot vin.


smoked salmon – Ducktrap River’s, artichoke,    14

     capers, red onion, lemon vin.  


quinoa– carmelized onions, carrot, sun dried   13

     tomato, olives, sunflower seeds, wine vin.     


citrus chicken– grilled breast, mandarin         14

     orange, feta, sunflower seeds, lemon vin.


mexi– black bean, red onion, jalapeno,         12

     cheddar, cabbage slaw, sour cream drizzle


horseback– bacon, bleu cheese, dates,          14                                   croutons & bleu dressing


plates & pasta

Gluten free bread and pasta available upon request.


taco(s)!- cheddar, cabbage slaw, mojo and Waka!   

        chicken -                             5/10 

        steak -                              6/12

jalapeno cheddar mac - sourdough crumbs


bacon bolognese – rich classic, smothering 



linguine pesto basil & pine nut, wilted baby spinach, 

Maplebrook feta, parm    

orzo medi - artichoke, olives, sundried tomato, peppers & onions, herbs & olive oil


hot rolls

reuben - house corned neff brisket and the usual suspects,         10

caraway sauce

meatloaf sliders – caramelized onion, melted          10

 fontina, smokey ketchup          

steak roll NEFF beef sautéed with pepper, onions        10

and melted provolone on brioche 


not your mom’s manwich– fancy joe sliders                9

and melted provolone

fried chicken sandwichlettuce, red onion, picked     9

jalapeno and aioli


sourdough sandwiches


crowdpleaser – Misty Knoll Turkey breast, bacon,  11

 lettuce, avodado, basil aioli


sesame chickenglazed breast, Asian carrot and              10

ginger slaw


crimini melt sautéed mushrooms, artichoke, carmelized     9

onion, fontina, basil aioli on sourdough


Post. cheese fontina & provolone, melted with onion,     8

olives, and arugula on sourdough


buffalo chicken - breast, melted provolone, cabbage slaw,      10



roasted ham & cheese - melted fontina, carmelized onion & aioli


served sundays 10am-2pm

mini bacon, egg & cheddars– who says you can’t         8

have two breakfasts??


mexiegg sandwich– fried eggs, cheddar, lettuce,        8

red onion & jalapeño on sourdough


tatertot montecristo– maple glazed tots topped with    11

fried ham, melted fontina and a sunny egg


hash&eggs– house corned NEFF beef, eggs            12

any style                            


brioche benny– the buttery classic.                  10


quinoa &poached eggs –  sautéed spinach,             12

carmelized onion, crimini mushrooms & parm


breakfast tacos– fried egg, black beans,              9

cheddar, jalapeño & cabbage slaw


fried chicken & waffle– spiced maple. Yup.                 12


pancakes– Woohoo! chocolate chip, blueberry           8

or plain jane.